There are many kinds of innovation. We listen to the demands of the budget and plan of the customer. After we built a house, we support you as a “house doctor”.

○kitchen replacement○bathroom replacement○toilet replacement○increase the storage space○set new screen windows ○make kennels○make car ports○make outdoor gutter○make sliding doors○Tatami replacement○light bulb replacement ○connect the Internet○make handrails○replace Japanese-style toilets to a Western-style toilets○bell replacement ○wire changing○pipes changing○improve cold bathroom problems○put window frames of the insulation○change wallpapers○change keys○change tiles○change curtains○change window glasses○solve the noisy floor○accessibility○change water heater ○put floor heating ○put bathroom heating ○change toilet seat ○change post ○housecleaning ○clean air conditioners○paint outer wall of the house○paint inner wall of the house Etc. We recommend to make a renovation to work off frustrations of your life.

The maximum effect with a minimum of renovation

  • If you increase one storage, you can put away clean what is in the living room.
  • If you change the bathroom to the insulation type, you will be able to save on gas bills.
  • If you install a floor heating, you can get up comfortably in the morning.
  • We have a lot of knowledge to improve your life, because we do more than 100 renovations in one year.
  • We propose renovations that will help your future. In addition, we have proposals for renovation of roofs and house of the outer wall utilizing the seismic government grant.

Process of the renovation

  • Contact→investigation of the site→proposed plan and estimation→contract→construction→complete→support after completion

If you have any questions about a period of construction, a time to start the construction, mortgage, please contact us.
If you need a temporary house, transport of luggage, disposal of something you don’t use, please contact us.