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But it is immediately, to hear that "Mi building workshop", or is reminiscent of the kind of image?
"We are, rather than end to complete the house building, it is important to your relationship from there. Leverage and while living also performs new proposal with an eye to the future, you always have to make a house that Yorisoeru to customers "

◎"Sakyo-ku, Kyoto Kyoto Prefecture throughout the base, Shiga Prefecture" Great residential, first please consult the "Mi building workshop".

General user of the dwelling of new construction, new construction of business buildings, such as collective housing, commercial facilities and factories from the renovation, remodeling, renovation, we will main in to the construction work that related to construction and maintenance. In addition, look for Kyoto of real estate, know-how such as research and financial planning and land effective use of construction land, by obtaining the cooperation of the experts with a wealth of experience and track record, not only the scope of the construction business, our customers a wide variety of and to form the requirements carefully. As a result, house to build the Mi building workshop, live and everyday is fun, feeling sprout home to take care of the house. A house development that pleasant memories of your family increases, why not start with us? First of all, please do not hesitate to contact us.