New architecture


We think to buy a new home is a big event for you. We are a your partner to build a new home. We are a construction company that can build houses of various structures. We can build wooden house, light-gauge steel house and weight steel frame house.
We can build wooden house, a large steel frame house, a house that comes with a shop, commercial premises too.

◆Process for make a new home

(1)find a piece of land➡(2)budget(financial planning)➡(3)design➡(4) drafting➡(5) construction(6) complete To get a new house, you need to solve a lot of issues.
※ We enjoy solving these issues with you.

◆ We think the most important thing is to enjoy the process of building customers’ houses with customers.

  • Case1: A customer could not find ideal land. We proposed the customer to buy a cheap exiting house. Then, we dismantled the house. After that, we built a new house which the customer hoped on the land. As a result, customers were able to buy the land and the house at a lower price than buying a new land and house.
  • Case2: Too narrow frontage A customer bought a land. The land was large but, the land frontage was too narrow. We could solve the problem with a skip floor design. The customer could get a light home.
  • Case3: High repayments of mortgage We built a house of apartment. A customer can obtain a rental income. Then he could pay the mortgage. Etc.

We have a lot of great stories with our customers. We would like to help customers even after building a house. We would like to be like a family doctor for you.